What is Volitium?

The name “Volitium” originates from the English word “Volition”, which is defined as one’s power to use their will consisting of one’s choice. Representing one’s willpower to make a choice, Vollitium would be a voting / survey / polls platform which would allow people to express their opinions and make individual decisions. In so doing, it would also enrich social consensus through voting and participating in polls.

About Us

https:\\ has started to conduct online surveys regarding stock market, property market, and consumer sentiment since June 2019. Starting from August 2019, surveys were conducted with Blockchain protocol, recording questions and answers openly, while respondents' identities remained anonymous. has started with only 25 registered members at the beginning and increased to 85 registered members up until August 2019, and the number is steadily increasing. Through all different kinds of surveys, polls and voting, we hope that blockchain would eventually make its way into mainstream applications.

Transparency, trustworthiness, and anonymity are the foremost requirements for voting/polls/survey results to be adopted. Volitium combined with blockchain encourages a decentralised, open, and secure system, which would produce irreversible and traceable open records, and thus make it an impenetrable and trustworthy voting system. Therefore, it is important to deploy blockchain on Volitium in order to make it applicable to any serious social consensus.

The purpose of Volitium is to improve efficiencies in conducting surveys, polls and votings, and through higher engagement in voting which ultimately reflects a more reliable perspective of people. Our target markets are companies, individuals, governments, political parties and communities that conduct surveys, research, or opinion polls for policies or public facilities. When the Volitium system becomes widespread, our ultimate goal is to reform the structure in all kinds of voting, helping the society to reach consensus.